Goh Ai Yat 吴爱月
Business Development Director

A former senior banker and the managing consultant of SBF Group of Consulting Companies, Ai Yat is an entrepreneur, educator, trainer, storyteller and an artist. She regularly conducts public and in-house entrepreneurial and development programmes. Her mission is to advocate for agility at work and in business to succeed in an ever-changing environment. She trains organisational employees to adopt entrepreneurial thinking in their preparation for an increasingly competitive business landscapes and individuals who are aspiring enterpreneurs. Ai Yat’s training programmes include The Back of the Naplkin – Solving Problems With Pictures, Starting Your Own Business, The Entrepreneurial Manager, Visual Thinking, Creativity & Innovation, Networking Skills. She is the principal facilitator for Analyst Training Programme, a 35-day Simulated Internship Programme for undergraduates and Credit Guarantee Corporations’s ACE (Advance Credit Enhancer) Programme. She also teachers Entrepreneurship for the RMIT University degree programme at SIM Global Education and Entreprenership and Strategic Finance Issues for an Australian MBA program. Ai Yat coaches and mentors undergraduates and professionals-in-transit. She also helps retirees to make use of their expertise and be active in their golden years.



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